Dec 12, 2018

Operation Deep Freeze






Anybody made any handouts yet? Various notes and things found... drawings etc?


Dec 12, 2018

One thing I did was copied images from google earth for all the buildings described in the book from Latvia. You can't do that for the Aleppo parts but you can for the Latvian portions.

Dec 13, 2018

Thanks - good idea. I was thinking of the various notes/drawings/diaries etc.

Would be great to have pdfs to print and give to players (Thulu style).

Is this something you would consider for the upcoming module - Arcricket Blast?

Dec 22, 2018

Deep freeze ending ...SPOILERS.



I‘m a little confused about the ending. Are the characters meant to use the item in the last location in the bunker to save themselves? Where actually is it? How do they use it? Reproduce it? Etc. All seemed a bit abrupt at the end...


Dec 23, 2018



No, it is a vial of the serum, so they can go back and begin to work on the antidote. This allows them to make the replicas needed for part 1 of Thunderclap. When the doctor dies, he points to a button on the console. When you push it, it opens a container that has the last serum. The Syrians had taken the rest along with the notebook and antidote.


Onto Op: Thunderclap.


I hope that answers your questions.




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