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Three Castle RPG Award Finalist!!!

We are super pumped that for the 2nd year in a row our Call of Cthulhu book has been nominated for and then selected to be a finalist for the Three Castle RPG Award.

This award goes through a rigorous judging 2 level set of Iconic RPG authors. The

first group judges all the entries and selects up to a maximum of 5 products they feel are worthy. They can select none. They chose 4 this year. A different set of judges read through the finalists and pick a single winner!!  We find out in June at the NTRPG Con.  Wish us LUCK!!

BR 5: Isle of the Ancients.

The continuation of the Black Ridge Island Series Compatable with

1st/2nd Edition AD&D or 5th Edition D&D.  Designed for 6-8 players of levels 7-9.

I have run this module many times and it is always a player favorite. Both versions of this module are now available today in our store, go get yours today.

Engineering Excuse Dice
Our most popular product line. All sets now come as a set of 3 with the Problem, Reason and Solution. 
They are currently available as both the colored set (red/blue/green) or as the black and white set.
If you missed out on the Kickstarter, get your set today.
Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting

We are excited that Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting now has its own page on Board Game Geeks (BGG).

You can find us here.


Please go and become a Fan of the game, or post a play session or even write a review. 


The Kickstarter was great. We funded and will be able to reward all our backers and still have plenty to stock the shelves at Dark Cult Games for a couple years.  So if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can order a copy for yourself today.

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