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Three Castle RPG Award Winner!!!

We are super pumped that we WON the Three Castle RPG Award!!

This award goes through a rigorous judging 2 level set of Iconic RPG authors. The

first group judges all the entries and selects up to a maximum of 5 products they feel are worthy. They can select none. They chose 4 this year. A different set of judges read through the finalists and pick a single winner!!  We find out in June at the NTRPG Con.  Wish us LUCK!!

Call of Cthulhu: A Time for Sacrifice

We are excited to be publishing another CoC book. This one will have 5 Mayan Themed adventures set in the 1920s.


We are joined by Brian Courtemanche and Johnathan Bagelman, both were part of our award winning Devil's Swamp book. 

A Time for Sacrifice was our largest Kickstarter to date, and can't wait to get it on the market.

RPG Random Encounter Dice
We have created our largest dice set to date. Our RPG Random Encounter Dice. The set contains 13 dice including a control dice, and 12 different dice to generate over 130 different random encounters. Great for random encounters on the fly, or when building your own modules and need some inspirations.
If you missed out on the Kickstarter, get your set today.

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