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Critical Hit and Fumble Dice


Easy to use Critical Hit and Fumble dice, suitable for use in any RPG game. Great for keeping the game moving in the heat of battle.

Comes with four dice:

1. A 10 sided critical hit die

2. A 10 sided fumble die

3. A 10 sided hit location die

4. A 6 sided group morale die to be used after you get a critical hit.

Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting


A board game of Dinosaur Pit Fighting set in the near future. 

Ages 13+ and 2-6 players. Game length is 20-45 minutes.

The game comes with 8 different dinosaurs to fight with. The Triceratops, The Spinosaurus, the Stegosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Dilophosaurus, the Ankylosaurus, the Deinonychus (Velociraptors) and the Pachycephalosaurus. The game also includes terrain, action cards, event cards, mutations, techs, trainging, game rules, campaign rules, victory point counters, 10 metal dinosaur miniatures, status counters, dice, battle cards and more.

Every dinosaur fights differently, with its own unique fighting style. Your movements, and action choices determine if you win or lose.


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Monster Trap Board Game


A Family Game for 1-6 Players, that the whole family will love. Work together, Be a Team, Save the Sheep. Ages 6+, 30-45 minutes to play.

When the monster wakes up hungry, he wants Farmer Brown's sheep. But you and your friends can stop him. You play a group of resourceful teenagers and their dog who build traps along the monsters trail to send him packing back to his cave.

You have 8 characters to choose from, including the dog Rhea. Each character has their own unique ability that makes them special. Forming the right team and then working together as a team is the only way to get the job done.

The Star on the Shore


The Star on the Shore is a Call of Cthulhu sandbox style adventure module for the classic 1920s era adventure, licensed by Chaosium.

The Star on the Shore is a sandbox adventure in a small coastal town with over 30 NPCs to interact with. Some are helpful, some are oblivious and some are hiding in plain sight. A strange unexplained astronomical event, a stolen statue, a murder of crows, and a cryptic clue lead you and your fellow investigators to a quiet vacation town that is far more sinister and deadly than it appears.

Designed for 6-10 investigators, and an experienced Keeper. This adventure takes some work up front by the keeper, due to it's sandbox style, but can be one of the best and most exciting adventures your group will ever have. Comes complete with handouts, maps and pre-generated investigators.

Available in Soft and Hard cover versions.

Also, available on PDF at Drive Thru RPG.

Maybe Clones Aren't Such a Good Thing


A Paranoia Adventure designed for 1st edition Paranoia that will easily run in any version.


This module was written for the North Texas RPG Con 2013.  It was created for 6-10 players of Orange or Yellow security clearance. Pre-generated characters are included.  Based on the original block buster movie and book - Jurassic Park, let your troubleshooters loose as they investigate the outbreak of Feral Attack Chickens, navigate a manually operated submersable vehicle and come face to face with the horrors protecting the small island run by none other than traitorous mutant Hamm-O-NND-6.

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