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md Mukter
Jul 28, 2022
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Easily damaged or lost. At the same time, the management can only be manually counted and stored manually, which is time-consuming and laborious. Often forgetting to carry it makes it very inconvenient to use. Edenred Yi Rui wisdom_04 This survey is provided by Edenred in partnership with Chuangshi. From the perspective of users, Edenred overcomes the pain points of traditional paper coupons with electronic coupons, and applies it to the two major phone database electronic coupon markets of "marketing gifts" and "employee benefits". Its services integrate the consumption channels of mass sellers, supermarkets, cosmeceuticals, catering, department stores, and restaurants all over Taiwan. With the convenience of cross-channel and one-machine processing, it creates bonuses, redemptions, small gifts, etc. in marketing gifts. A number of services, which also echo the results of the survey results in which fast food restaurants, restaurants, and supermarkets are the most commonly used life scenarios for small gifts. Edenred Yi Rui wisdom_05 This survey is provided by Edenred in partnership with Chuangshi. In addition, Edenred also keenly captures the needs of the corporate market, digitizes employee benefits such as three-season gifts, travel allowances, and department rewards, and provides more personalized services with the unique " brand self-selection + denomination appointment" function. choose. "Using e-coupons as employee benefits" was not only a forward-looking and bold idea in the past, but now it can also reduce operating costs and carbon emissions caused by companies purchasing and issuing paper gift coupons in large quantities, and contributes to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Part of the heart. User Satisfaction Survey——Edenred Smart Functional Electronic Tickets Are More Practical and Reliable Such a booming e-ticket market has naturally become a battleground for all companies.
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md Mukter

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