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Feb 10, 2021
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Anyway, if not, let me know, I couldn't find your emal. My name is João Florêncio and I’m na illustrator from Portugal. After a talk with a member of the Texas RPG Con on Facebook I was pointed to your company to let you know of a service, that I’m offering, aimed to small game companys, that helps to bring the art costs down, like I said in the title. Is a project that for 10/25 bucks you will have access to high quality content, and you can use the images produced in that month in a comercial project (once) and if you hire me for more specific pieces you get up to 15% discount, if you are a patron. I have two styles that you can choose from, scary and realistic wich is the one you migth be interested in. Or a more cartoony style: I only a have one subscriber at the moment so it will be a "steal" for the first pledgers who can choose a theme. I will be needing around 120 pledgers/patrons to get this project run properly and grow into other things. After the 120 pledgers are reached this tiers will be closed and the next ones will double in price. With this you can focus a lot more money on marketing, using high quality imagery, and you can still hire me with 15% discount on more specific pieces. it's a win win, I think. With all this said let me know what you think of the project I'm open to advices or any other thing you might want to see improved in this service I'm offering. Thank you for reading this. Thank you!
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