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Core box set for Top Secret: New World Order

  • By Merle M. Rasmussen, creator of the original Top Secret
  • Modern espionage adventure in a shadowy world of intrigue and danger
  • Fast and easy to use rules, with a depth and realism that keeps players immersed in an authentic world of espionage and action.
  • Set in today’s world of shadowy organizations, shifting alliances, high technology, and unpredictable threats.
  • Boxed set comes with everything you need to play, including the core rulebook, GM screen, character sheets, player mats, vehicle cards, and an introductory mission module.


You are an agent of ICON: The International Covert Operatives Network. You have been recruited from your former life, trained in the ways of tradecraft, and sent into the field to handle the missions that other agencies cannot, or will not handle.


One player is the Administrator, describing and controlling the game world, while the other players take on the role of international spies, working behind the scenes where governments won’t go.

Tense negotiations, dangerous combat, thrilling car chases, tradecraft, surveillance, intrigue, and subterfuge are all at hand with the roll of the dice.


Top Secret: New World Order is a tabletop role-playing game recommended for 2–8 players. Includes the introductory mission module The White Queen.

What's in the box:

  • 120 page core rulebook
  • 3-panel administrator’s screen
  • 4 player mats
  • 20 agent dossiers
  • 40 markers for hazards, vehicles, and agents
  • 9 vehicle sheets w/speed markers
  • 6 polyhedral dice
  • Introductory mission module: The White Queen


Created and produced by TSR Games

Top Secret: New World Order

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