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Isle of the Ancients is a Fantasy Adventure Module for 6-8 players of Levels 7-9, compatible with 5th edition D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Isle of the Ancients can be run as a stand alone module, or can fit easily into your own campaign.

Isle of the Ancients was supposed to be a beacon of hope and unity between the races. Dwarfs were commissioned for the construction, and everything was on schedule for the first few months, and then it went quiet. Everyone assumed the worse. Months passed, the scheduled date for completion came and went, and still nothing. Those that ventured to the island reported finding nothing except an abandoned keep, or never returned at all.

Years passed, then decades, no one had the desire or means to fully explore the island. Rumors of underground caverns, treasures, magic and death surround the small island. Now only the very foolish or very brave, set their course for what awaits on this rocky island.

PDF - 5E: Isle of the Ancients

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